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New Band Parents

Welcome to all new band parents!

Below you will find some FAQs regarding the Band Boosters and how you can become involved.


Booster Members

Who is a Band Booster?
Parents or Legal Guardians of the children who are currently enrolled in any of the Little Miami Band programs are automatically considered a member of the Band Boosters.

Why Should I Be Involved?  
You should be involved to support your student band member.  It is a lot of fun and you will make new friends and possibly form long lasting friendships. 

What Can I Do?  
There are several things that you can do to be an active booster parent.  One of the most important things you can do is attend booster meetings.  These meetings are important for getting answers to your questions and voicing your concerns. Many important decisions are made at these meetings that require a vote be taken by the membership.  Additionally, help is always needed with chaperoning, concession stand, fund raising, and band camp. Your support is also greatly appreciated at all football games, parades and band festivals. 

I Am New, Do They Really Need Me? 
Regardless of your occupation or area of experience there are many services you would be able to provide to the band program.  It is important to get involved right away.  The more people involved with activities, the less tedious it is for one or two members to complete the tasks. In short, Yes! We really need you!

Why Are They Always Doing Fund Raisers? 
Fundraising and band fees all go toward supporting the high school band activities.  This includes marching band as well as concert band.  The marching band is only partially funded by the school.  Expenses include such things as music, instruments, transportation, director's fees, uniforms, etc.  Fund raisers help lower these costs for all of us.  This is why we need everyone's involvement in fund raising activities.

A closing request:
Whether you choose to serve as an active booster president or a cheering fan in the stands, the choice to support your child is something you will not regret.  If you are currently not an active member of the booster organization, then we invite you to get involved. It’s never too late. Please be assured that we want and need your help and support.  If you are an active band parent/booster, on behalf of your child and all band members, we would like to say thank you.

Please feel free to contact the Band Boosters with any questions.