Welcome Little Miami Band Boosters!!

The purpose and mission of the Little Miami Band Boosters is to promote and encourage music education in all the schools of the Little Miami School District. 

Band Camp 2018

Band Camp 2021

Band Camp has officially come to a close.  We are also very thankful for our Ohio University students, who returned to help out out our Band Directors, with their playing and performance skills of all the Marching Band members.  Please visit our Events Calendar to see when they will be performing, whether it be at local events or Varsity football games.  Go Panthers!!   

Disney 2022

Walt Disney World Marching Band Trip 2022

The Little Miami Band Boosters are busy working behind the scenes, working to bring your #BandinDemand back to Walt Disney World in June 2022.

Watch your email and our website for updates and new information. 

Looking Ahead

Little Miami Band Booster Meetings:

Next Band Booster meeting:

Monday, September 27, 2021 @ 7:00 pm.  Watch for a meeting invitation via email.  

Walt Disney World Marching Band Trip - June 2022:

An important email about the 2022 Walt Disney World Marching Band Trip was sent out on May 25, 2021.  It contains an incredible amount of detail regarding fees, forms and commitment dates.  The most important item is provided below: 

Please fill out the Intent to Travel form  -  Disney Sign-up

Committing to the WDW Marching Band trip requires a $100 deposit by 8/2/2021.

Next Deposit Amount & Due Date:  $250 by 9/2/2021. 

Thank you to Our Sponsors!