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You need to complete either everything above the line or everything below the line (not both).  All forms via either method should be completed ASAP or no later than the first day of band camp (Monday, July 29, 2019).

Required Hard copy forms.  Please print and turn in by the first day of band camp (Monday, July 29, 2019)

Physical  - required unless you have a valid physical on file with the Athletic Department, just let us know that you are a student athlete.

Marching Band Handbook - click this link to go to the hand book and follow the directions.

The following links are to online versions of forms required to participate in Marching Band.  Please follow each link, complete the form and submit it.  Please complete by the first day of band camp - Monday, July 29, 2019.

Student Contact Information

Signature Sheet

Volunteer Opportunities 

If you prefer to turn hard copies of required forms in place of filling out the online forms above, these links will open documents you can print, sign/fill out and turn in.


Marching Band Handbook

Payment Information

IFA Declaration

Instrument Loan Contract

Insurance Disclaimer

Participation Agreement

Uniform Information and Policy

Code of Conduct

Social Media Policy

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Family Contact Information