2019-20 Performance Information


Friday, October 11 – Football Game (Home)

  • Students - please arrive at 5:45 pm.
  • Uniform will be Formal Uniform - please remember black band t-shirt and black band shorts can be worn under uniform with long plain black socks and dinkles.


Friday, October 18 – Football game (Away)

  • Students need to be at school at 4:45pm


Saturday, October 19 –Young’s Jersey Dairy/Kenton Ridge Band Festival

  • Students will arrive at 1:30 at the high school.  Buses will leave around 2 pm. 
  • We will be stopping at Young’s Jersey Dairy on our way to the festival. 
  • Be sure to bring money to eat food and ICE CREAM!  We will be at Young’s for around 2 hours. 
  • At 5ish we will load buses and head to Kenton Ridge Festival in Springfield. 
  • They will have the opportunity to purchase more food from the concession stand once we arrive at the festival. 
  • We will arrive home around 11:00 pm or possibly later.  


Friday, October 25 – Football Game (Home)

            Students arrive at 5:45


Friday, November 1 – Football Game (Home)

   Students arrive at 5:45


Friday, November 8 – Varsity Show

            Students arrive at 6 pm. Show starts at 7 pm. This show takes place in the auditorium and is professionally video recorded.  DVDs can be purchased (last year they were $20 each). 


General Information

  • Eat a snack before you arrive school for all functions. You are welcome to bring a water bottle on the bus.
  • Bring money for concessions. 3rd quarter break at all games to visit concessions
  • Busses will be assigned with 1 director and at least 2 chaperones per bus
  • Make sure you are signed up for Remind messages:
    • Marching Band Brass – phone number is 81010 and code is @39hfae
    • Marching Band Woodwinds – phone number is 81010 and code is @d7e3kcf
  • All times are subject to change.

Remember conflict sheets are required when you are going to be late or absent for any performance or practice.