Proposed Itinerary

 Saturday- March 10th

  • Meet at school approximately around 5pm to check luggage and leave
  • Driving through the night

Sunday- March 11th

  • Animal Kingdom  
  • Arrive at Disney
  • 1 meal Dinner provided
  • Lunch on own

Monday- March 12th

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Breakfast and Dinner (meal card)
  • Lunch on own
  • Performance at Park TBD
  • Castle Show and Nighttime Spectacular

Tuesday- March 13th

  • Epcot  
  • Breakfast at the Park
  • 10:30am Workshop
  • Lunch on own
  • Dinner (meal card)
  • Illuminations Show

Wednesday- March 14th  

  • Hollywood Studios
  • Breakfast (meal card)
  • Pack up, check out, & load buses
  • Lunch on own
  • FantasmicShow and Dinner
  • Depart for Cincinnati after show

Thursday- March 15th  

  • Arrive in Cincinnati around 1:00pm



Safety Info


  • Have a background check.
  • Sign an agreement with their responsibilities
  • Have student & parent contact information
  • Have a copy of the students medical form
  • Be paired with another chaperone and will oversee 14-16 students per pair


  • All luggage will be searched by chaperones prior to departure.

Any illegal items found will result in immediate trip cancelation of the student.

  • Attendance will be taken at every bus stop on the trip
  • Multiple student/chaperone check-ins at the Parks each day
  • Are not permitted to tour parks alone
  • Must remain in the park or the scheduled activity at all times and cannot leave the park with his or her parent for any reason.
  • Every night the chaperone will do a final “in-room” head count before taping the door closed for the night


  • After dark, boys will be on one side of the bus and girls on the other
  • Chaperones will be seated throughout the bus


  • No cussing or inappropriate language will be permitted at any time
  • Misconduct by the student will result in being sent home at the PARENT’S EXPENSE!
  • All LMHS school rules apply at all times on the trip
  • Any broken rules will be reported to the school when we return and disciplinary action will be taken by the administration


What to Pack & What NOT to Pack

 What to Pack

  • Instrument, reeds, valve oil, sticks, etc.
  • Marching band uniform, hat, gloves, Dinkles, long black socks, placed in uniform bag.
  • Toiletries
  • One small suit case. ( Swim suit, towel, sunscreen, clothes for the week, colored tshirts, shorts, sleep wear, etc.)
  • One small back pack or purse with toiletries or things needed for the park the first day.

A complete packet will be sent out at a later date

What NOT to Pack

  • Anything that will get you in trouble, squirt guns, silly string, etc.
  • Anything that you would not want to lose. Lakefront line, chaperones and Mrs. Smith are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Inappropriate clothing.
  • Rated “R” movies

What to Wear

  • Average temps will be High 80’s - Low possible 60’s
  • All school regulations regarding clothing will apply.
  • Each day we will wear same colored shirts- TBD
  • Sunscreen
  • Light jacket
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Swimsuits for girls- tankinis or one piece/ Boys- swim trunks no shorts


Medication Info

  • Students may carry non-prescription medications in addition to Inhalers and Epi Pens with their parent’s permission.  Medications must be in original packages/bottle.
  • Students may not carry prescription medications. All prescription medications will be logged and given out as required by the nurse. The prescription must have a pharmacy label and be in the student’s name.
  • A Nurse Chaperone- will handle all medications and have access to all medical forms.


Non-Chaperone Parents Info


  • This is a band trip
  • Direct students with any questions or issues to their chaperone
  • All students must follow rules and check-in with chaperone

 Cost of Trip

 Band Boosters:

  • Will pay approximately $200 to $250 for each band student attending
  • Will pay for the bus drivers cost of lodging


  • Cost will be approximately $600/student after booster contribution


  • Cost will be approximately $810 to $1,200/chaperone depending on the number of individuals in the room;
    • 1 in room $1,200/person; 2 in room $950/person;
    • 3 in room $855/person; 4 in room $810/person

Other Parents:

  • Transportation – on your own
  • Rooms and ticket to park – we have reserved rooms for up to 124 people that will be allocated out as follows:
    • Students, director & family, bus drivers, & chaperones
    • Chaperone family members
    • First come, first serve for all others interested in attending

Cost Includes:

  • Room                       
  • Ticket
  • Meal card (2 breakfasts & 3 dinners)                     
  • Charter bus
  • 1 Special event breakfast
  • 1 Special event dinner
  • Workshop

A summary of costs for non-chaperone families is available upon request


Payment Schedule

Due Dates & Amounts:

                                                            Students                       Chaperones

  • Sept 30th                                  $200.00                         $300.00
    • Nov 30th                          $200.00                         $300.00
      • Jan 10th                 remaining balance due
  • Initial sign up form and payment due Sept 30th
  • Final forms due

 Personal Cash

Personal Cash Recommendations:

  • Lunches- 4 days approximately $50.00
  • Snacks as needed
  • Spending money for souvenirs
  • Pre paid debit cards versus cash $200 maximum


The same buses will be used for the entire trip.


Hotel Information

 Emergency Contact Info

  • Tabitha Smith - (c) 937-623-7573
  • Tammy Quatman - 514-236-8485
  • April Hughes - 513-872-9619
  • John Knoblauch - 513-490-8857
  • Judy Lane - 513-319-0116