Proposed Itinerary

 SaturdayMarch 10th

  • Meet at school approximately around 5pm to check luggage and leave
  • Driving through the night

SundayMarch 11th

  • Animal Kingdom  
  • Arrive at Disney
  • 1 meal Dinner provided
  • Lunch on own

MondayMarch 12th

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Breakfast and Dinner (meal card)
  • Lunch on own
  • Parade at Park 2:30pm
  • Castle Show and Nighttime Spectacular

TuesdayMarch 13th

  • Hollywood Studios
  • Breakfast (meal card)
  • 10:30am Workshop
  • Lunch on own
  • FantasmicShow and Dinner

WednesdayMarch 14th  

  • Pack up, check out, & load buses
  • Epcot  
  • Breakfast at the Park
  • Lunch on own
  • Dinner (meal card)
  • Illuminations Show
  • Depart for Cincinnati after show

Thursday- March 15th  

  • Arrive in Cincinnati around 1:00pm





  • Have a background check.
  • Sign an agreement with their responsibilities
  • Have student & parent contact information
  • Have a copy of the students medical form
  • Be paired with another chaperone and will oversee 14-16 students per pair



  • All luggage will be searched by chaperones prior to departure.

Any illegal items found will result in immediate trip cancelation of the student.

  • Attendance will be taken at every bus stop on the trip
  • Multiple student/chaperone check-ins at the Parks each day
  • Are not permitted to tour parks alone
  • Must remain in the park or the scheduled activity at all times and cannot leave the park with his or her parent for any reason.
  • Every night the chaperone will do a final “in-room” head count before taping the door closed for the night



  • After dark, boys will be on one side of the bus and girls on the other
  • Chaperones will be seated throughout the bus



  • No cussing or inappropriate language will be permitted at any time
  • Misconduct by the student will result in being sent home at the PARENT’S EXPENSE!
  • All LMHS school rules apply at all times on the trip
  • Any broken rules will be reported to the school when we return and disciplinary action will be taken by the administration


What to Pack & What NOT to Pack


What to Pack

  • Instrument, reeds, valve oil, sticks, etc.
  • Marching band uniform, hat, gloves, Dinkles, long black socks, placed in uniform bag.
  • Toiletries
  • One small suit case. ( Swim suit, towel, sunscreen, clothes for the week, colored tshirts, shorts, sleep wear, etc.)
  • One small back pack or purse with toiletries or things needed for the park the first day.

A complete packet will be sent out at a later date.


What NOT to Pack

  • Anything that will get you in trouble, squirt guns, silly string, etc.
  • Anything that you would not want to lose. Lakefront line, chaperones and Mrs. Smith are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Inappropriate clothing.
  • Rated “R” movies

What to Wear

  • Average temps will be High 80’s - Low possible 60’s
  • All school regulations regarding clothing will apply.
  • Each day we will wear same colored shirts- TBD
  • Sunscreen
  • Light jacket
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Swimsuits for girls- tankinis or one piece/ Boys- swim trunks no shorts


Medication Info

  • Students are NOT permitted to carry any kind of medication other than their EPI pen or inhaler.  All prescription medications will be logged and given out as required by the nurse. The prescription must have a pharmacy label and be in the student’s name.
  • A Nurse Chaperone will handle all non-prescription and prescription medications and have access to all medical forms.


Non-Chaperone Parents Info


  • This is a band trip
  • Direct students with any questions or issues to their chaperone
  • All students must follow rules and check-in with chaperone

 Cost of Trip

 Band Boosters:

  • Will pay approximately $200 to $250 for each band student attending
  • Will pay for the bus drivers cost of lodging


  • Cost will be approximately $600/student after booster contribution


  • Cost will be approximately $810 to $1,200/chaperone depending on the number of individuals in the room;
    • 1 in room $1,200/person; 2 in room $950/person;
    • 3 in room $855/person; 4 in room $810/person

Other Parents:

  • Transportation – on your own
  • Rooms and ticket to park – we have reserved rooms for up to 124 people that will be allocated out as follows:
    • Students, director & family, bus drivers, & chaperones
    • Chaperone family members
    • First come, first serve for all others interested in attending

Cost Includes:

  • Room                       
  • Ticket
  • Meal card (2 breakfasts & 3 dinners)                     
  • Charter bus
  • 1 Special event breakfast
  • 1 Special event dinner
  • Workshop

A summary of costs for non-chaperone families is available upon request


Payment Schedule

Due Dates & Amounts:

                                                            Students                       Chaperones

  • Sept 30th                                  $200.00                         $300.00
    • Nov 30th                          $200.00                         $300.00
      • Jan 10th                 remaining balance due
  • Initial sign up form and payment due Sept 30th
  • Final forms due

 Personal Cash

Personal Cash Recommendations:

  • Lunches- 4 days approximately $50.00
  • Snacks as needed
  • Spending money for souvenirs
  • Pre paid debit cards versus cash $200 maximum


The same buses will be used for the entire trip.


Hotel Information

 Emergency Contact Info

  • This information will be provided once Chaperones have been selected for the trip.